I can see and feel that my daughter has another chance at life. We’ve been blessed with The Arc.”
Jackie Mason

It was one of those times that can only be described as every parent’s nightmare.

Tiffany Mason, who has a rare blood disease, was starting her sophomore year at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C., when she suffered two mini-strokes.

“Tiffany was deathly ill and had tubes going everywhere,” her father, Jackie Mason, recalls. When she was discharged from the hospital, she entered a nursing home, and that’s when The Arc got involved.

At first, Tiffany lived in one of The Arc’s two medical houses, which provide 24-hour nursing care. When she was well enough, The Arc helped her move into an apartment and encouraged her to select staff and find a roommate. She also has a job, scanning files at The Arc’s Ellicott City office.

“It’s been very exciting,” she says, “and I know things will keep getting better.”

Tiffany has spoken to several groups about her journey. “Without The Arc, none of this would be possible,” she says. “Telling people about them is the least I can do.”

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