Molly is a part of our family, and we like her so much. She’s always in a good mood and makes us laugh.”
Briagh Strott, Looks Spa and Salon Manager salon manager

With her brown hair cut in a sleek pageboy and highlighted with soft streaks of natural blonde, Molly Peter looks every bit a customer of Looks Spa and Salon on Old Columbia Road.

She does have her hair cut and styled at the salon, but only when she can take a break from work.

Molly, who has Down syndrome, is employed by Looks, and she loves her job as well as her supervisor, salon manager Briagh Strott.

“The best part of working here is being with Briagh and all my friends,” says Molly, who has worked for Looks for over three years. “I do what they ask me to do, like cleaning the glass shelves and organizing the shampoo bottles.”

Molly works Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To help her organize her day, Strott gave her flash cards with her duties listed on them and a watch with an alarm that sounds when it’s time to switch tasks.

“This has worked well and Molly doesn’t need much help from her job coach,” Strott says. “If she gets bored, we just add new duties.”

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