People give money to people, not organizations, and I could never drift away from The Arc.”
Jim Greenfield, Columbia Builders founder

Columbia Builders founder Jim Greenfield has a long history with The Arc.  It began in 1976, when The Arc stepped in to help him and his then wife, Sheila, with newborn Mark, who had Down syndrome.

Today, Greenfield wistfully recalls the son with whom he shared an extraordinarily close bond. They were so close, the day came when Greenfield knew he needed to encourage the adult Mark to live more independently for his own future good.

He built a custom-designed group home in 1999 for Mark and a roommate, both of whom received services from The Arc.  In January 2001, after living just over a year in the home, Mark suddenly died at age 24 from adult respiratory distress syndrome.

After that tragedy and with no more need for services, Greenfield could have ended his relationship with The Arc, but he saw things differently. Over the years, Greenfield has been a model supporter. He was a major driving force behind The Arc’s capital campaign, he has contributed to nearly every event, and he’s often a quiet, behind-the-scenes supporter in meeting the needs of the organization.

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