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Howard High School


The following teachers are recognized: Michael Cohee, Laura Parsons, Sara Few, Matthew Hanson, Dave Dittman, Brian Boussy, Erin McArdle, Erin Kirkpatrick, Cristina Deforge, Brian Murphy, Cynthia Bianca, Ellen McNulty, Gina Massella, Janice Bornstein, Kedre’ Fairley, Brad Dyer, Michael Duffy, Elaine Walker, Jeffrey Hensley, Elizabeth Augustin, Christina Piekarski, Michael Kellaher, Deborah Bates, Mike Williams, Andre Lingham.

This remarkable team, together with family and friends, is supporting full inclusion of a 17 year old student, who is never in a segregated setting.  His support team ensures that his inclusion is not only academic but also social, and his independence is promoted inside and outside of school.  For providing an inclusive environment and opportunities and for fully engaging the family in their team, The Arc presents the Excellence in Schools Award to Howard High and its teachers.