He’s an inspiration to us all. Along with his incredible ability to get along with everyone, he’s empathetic, compassionate and an excellent worker. He’s a beloved member of our team.”

Suzanne Henig

Over the years, William “Bucky” Buchanan has become something of a celebrity. He’s been called the “Cal Ripken of Bob’s BMW” for his longevity, and the Jessup motorcycle dealership’s “shining star” for the loving dedication he brings to his job as a custodian.

In March, he celebrated his 20th anniversary at Bob’s.

Although Bucky lives with Down Syndrome, that hasn’t kept him from working hard, taking pride in his job, enjoying his responsibilities, making friends and being a dedicated and valuable employee.

Soon after they opened their business. Bob and Suzanne Henig discovered that keeping a motorcycle dealership clean can be a challenge. Dividing housekeeping duties among the staff doesn’t always work; cleaning bathrooms and emptying trash can be the first chores to be put off when business is brisk.

So where do you find a single employee who will not tire of routine custodial work? The Henigs contacted The Arc.

“Bucky’s job coach matched his needs, interests and skills to our needs and expectations,” the Henigs say. “He’s become a key member of our team and has developed lasting friendships with his co-workers.”

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