Arc Achiever: Hannah Saltzman

Hannah S

Arc Achiever: 

Hannah Saltzman

Achieved her goal of working in Administration

        At Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHAPL), there are many types of employment one can experience. For Hannah Saltzman, her employment of choice is to work as an administrative assistant in the Space division at JHAPL.
        Hannah has been employed with JHAPL for two years and her story is one of hard work, persistence and determination. Hannah, who receives supported  employment services from The Arc, is a 20 hour per week employee and she couldn’t be happier! “Hannah is upbeat, positive and full of energy and loves to take on new tasks and challenges that come her way,” said Barbara Moyer, Project SEARCH Howard Manager. Moyer, who has worked with Hannah for more than three years, described Hannah as highly motivated.
        When Hannah first started with JHAPL, she worked two days a week and also worked as a front-end courtesy clerk for Giant Foods in Clarksville. Hannah started working for Giant in 2011. Over the last two years as Hannah has gained more responsibilities, it was her decision to focus on the job she always wanted. “The most amazing thing about Hannah is she had a vision,” Moyer explained. “Her vision for herself was to do administrative work and her vision for herself came to fruition.”
        Not only is Hannah motivated in her professional life, but she is very keen on creating social opportunities for herself and her friends. “Hannah is in the process of developing a social group that will meet once a month and have a game night/dinner night,” Moyer said. “She is very active and really enjoys doing a variety of things.” Hannah’s personal life is evidence of her desire to remain active and be involved. Hannah can be found each and every Sunday attending church with her family. She also sings in the choir and helps out in the nursery when needed and tries to keep active with regular participation in Special Olympics.
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