Discover Who You Are

Discover Who You Are

Olmer at Mobern

At 21, Olmer Gutierrez has had the good fortune of discovering he has abilities and talents that make him a valuable employee.

When Olmer transitioned from school, he joined the 2016 class of Project SEARCH Howard County. While developing important employment skills through internships in Howard County government, he also acquired personal insight into his own preferences and aspirations. Olmer found that while he likes being independent, he is very social and enjoys being part of a team.

Paid employment at Mobern Lighting in Jessup also revealed that Olmer has a talent for the pace and duties of manufacturing and liked being a member of the group of assembly workers manufacturing fluorescent and HID lighting at the state-of-the-art facility.

What everyone around Olmer has discovered is that he is a dependable, reliable, efficient and productive worker. He has a new network of friends and a new sense of independence. All he needed was the opportunity to discover who he was and what he could do. Olmer is a positive role model for other youth as he is demonstrates that success is possible.

Olmer Gutierrez was presented the Individual Achievement Award in the Youth category by Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman and the Howard County Commission on Disability issues at the Commission’s 2016 annual awards program.

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