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Arc Achiever: Bonnie Block

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Published on September 5th, 2017 | 2 Comments »

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Arc Achiever: Bonnie Block

Achieved her dream of making music

   There are many things that Bonnie Block enjoys doing in her life. She is a social butterfly and a very accomplished self-advocate who appreciates her independence and the many friends she has in the community. The 66 year old has been in the residential program at The Arc of Howard County since 1976. Bonnie, who currently receives services through Supported Retirement, worked for many years at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. “I liked working when I worked,” she said. “I really like doing all the things I do now and seeing the people I see where I go.”
   Since retiring, Bonnie spends her time pursuing a multitude of interests. Her friend, Annette Hinkle described Bonnie as a very active person who has many likes. “Bonnie likes to go to dinners, the Thrift store, and to the movies,” Hinkle said. “She has had several roles in local theatre and she loves singing in the choir at her church. It’s something, people know her everywhere we go!”
   Just last year, Bonnie, who has been taking singing lessons for quite some time made a CD entitled, “Songs from The Heart”. The CD was a great collaboration between Bonnie and her singing instructor at Howard Community College. “Rita Mayhew, Bonnie’s music teacher at Howard Community College, helped her record her CD at the studio at HCC. Bill Murphy who is another music instructor at HCC played the piano on the CD,” explained Lia Arbaugh, Bonnie’s Advocate. Bonnie said that she is proud of her CD and the fact that she was able to sing her favorite songs made it even better. “I love singing and I really like singing these songs,” Bonnie said. “Going to The Chapel, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, It’s My Party…they are great songs!”

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